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Tailored IPv6 Training and Management Briefings

Goatrace are pleased to offer both formal training in technical aspects of IPv6 management and business-focused management briefings. Courses can be held at your premises or at a convenient training centre. Any course can be customised to the customer's specific requirements.

Management Briefings

Management briefings are one or two day events and can be held either on site at your premises or at a convenient external facility. They are aimed at providing technology and business managers with the information they need to:

  • Understand what IPv6 is, how it relates to the current predominant Internet Protocol (IP version 4), and why they might or might not need it in their organisation
  • Separate out hype from reality in news reports and articles by "technology evangelists"
  • Communicate the issues surrounding the technology to colleagues and board members
  • Understand risks, benefits and other drivers for IPv6 adoption
  • Assess future need for IPv6 deployment in different areas of their business and identify low risk areas

The two day briefing covers all information in greater depth and additionally includes case studies of IPv6 adoption at other organisations plus discussions of business cases frequently presented and how these may not convince your CFO.

Technical IPv6 training

Goatrace IPv6 training is aimed at technical staff: engineers, system administrators, software developers and technical support personnel.

Introduction to IPv6

This one day course provides an overview of IPv6 covering the fundamentals of

  • History and drivers for adoption
  • Similarities with and differences from IPv4
  • Addressing
  • Autoconfiguration
  • Support in current software
  • Routing
  • Interoperation with IPv4

IPv6 development

One-day supplement to the introductory course covering development considerations for IPv6. The standard course is aimed at C programmers with prior experience of network programming but the course can be customised to cover other languages.

IPv6 for Linux Administrators

Two-day supplement to the introductory course aimed at Linux system administrators focusing on configuration of IPv6 on linux systems. Topics covered include:

  • Configuration and autoconfiguration of IPv6 network interfaces
  • Configuring and displaying routes
  • IPv6 network debugging techniques
  • IPv6 security and ip6tables
  • Tuning IPv6
  • IPv6 configuration of popular software (incl. apache, sendmail and BIND)
  • IPv4 interoperability and dual stack operation

A similar course can be provided for administrators of Solaris or BSD systems.