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Version 0.2

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  • Notes

    Almost no difference for VirtualBox users of 0.1. This version was intended to provide VMware support. However in this release vmv6r will not work correctly on hosts connected to the internet by a wireless interface. Not even the host and other guests on the same host (as per VirtualBox) will be able to use vmv6r as a 6to4 router. This appears to be due to the cleverness VMware have put in to make neighbour discovery work over wireless bridges breaking the ability of a vmware guest to be an ipv6 router with a bridged wireless interface. Using a NAT interface doesn't work either, as VMware don't NAT protocol 41.


    • Added German, Swiss German and French keyboard support
    • Minor improvement to iptables rules
    • Added use of the broadcast flag to udhcpc


    • Linux kernel
    • Busybox 1.18.2
    • glibc 2.12.2
    • ncurses 5.7
    • iptables 1.4.10
    • wget 1.12
    • grub 1.98